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CSP America was founded in 1996  to provide needed components and support services to the United State Military.  

With world changes in technology, conflicts, component volumes, and budget restraints,  many long-time military contractors across the country became obsolete with their systems and operations.  At this time the military developed a need for a new breed of companies who could adapt and withstand the constant changes and demands of new military designs and procedures, as well as maintain competitiveness to allow to government to maintain larger quantity of components at a more reasonable cost.  Over the last ten years,  the military has quadrupled their buying requirements,  and at the same time reducing the cost of components by 50%.  By doing this,  it allowed the military to stock more parts so that they would be readily available for repair on the field,  peace- time or in crisis.

Over ten years later, CSP remains as an active supplier for the military and has doubled it sales yearly over the past several years.  By remaining small, we are able to reduce critical overhead and provide the military with the cost, support, and delivery times they desire.  We accomplish this by partnering with a wide variety of reliable suppliers who dedicate production time and services to CSP.  Due to our business structure and production planning, CSP has been able to be more competitive than other contractors and is able to deliver components well under the military's time needs.   

Our pride in workmanship is second to none and the government representatives we work with provide us with great support and references.  We are proud to be able to say that in over ten years in business,  CSP has never had a part rejected by the military,  nor have we ever encountered a failure.  That is zero defects in literally hundreds of thousands of parts!

Mark Schutt, owner of CSP America,  has been involved in government work for many years prior to opening CSP producing large military components such as trailers and communications equipment.  Those years were spent being involved in virtually all areas of the companies,  including shop production, quality control, sales, purchasing, and management.  

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